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Virtually Anything Is Possible

Do you love to travel? Why? I love the adventure of discovering new places and learning about people and cultures. I love getting away from my every day responsibilities. I always come back with a new perspective and appreciation for my life.

A year ago we traveled to Basque country to learn about the heritage of our Basque surname Sagué. While in northern Spain and southern France we learned more about the Camino de Santiago and Steve even hiked part of it for a day. Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, the starting point for many pilgrims on this pilgrimage is beautiful as you can see from the photos.

When Covid-19 hit in March, 2020 and shelter in place began, we were eager to get outside in nature and began walking more. One day we spotted an opportunity for a Virtual Challenge to walk the Camino virtually. Three of our adult children joined us and we created an online community so we could cheer each other on via google maps and see street views of where each other was walking.The only way I could hope to keep up with my more fit family was that it allowed my swimming and other forms of exercise to count for miles. It truly helped us feel connected to our family that lived far away. We texted more as we had a common goal. I accomplished much more than I thought I could because I was spurred on by the comradery and accountability with my family. In the process I gained much strength physically and in character that spilled over into other areas of my life. I was able to fulfill my dreams of hiking with my family. I went from walking 1-2 miles a few times of week with much pain to being able to hike in the mountains 4-5 miles in a day after 4 months. What satisfaction I felt when I received my medal representing all that I learned on my 480 mile pilgrimage!

I encourage each of you to find something that motivates you to keep moving and growing step by step. Maybe you’ll want to do the Camino Challenge or something else you love. We want to invite you to join us in another virtual challenge. We have created a community called Sagacious Steps so you can join us so we can spur each other on. I will give instructions below in how to join us if you are interested.


Need some extra motivation to exercise? Want camaraderie, accountability and fun so you do not feel alone? Join us on a Virtual Challenge today! Virtually anything is possible! The Cabot Trail Virtual Challenge will take you 185 miles (297 km) along the natural beauty of the Cape Breton Highlands in Nova Scotia, Canada.Popular trails include the Franey Trail near near Ingonish and the Pleasant Bay which is known for its spectacular sunsets.

For this challenge you set up your own deadline (up to 78 weeks) and you can do it solo or as a team. Cross the finish line and you will be rewarded with an awesome finishers medal (worldwide shipping).This is the perfect tool for maintaining focus and motivation whether you are training for an event or just wanting to have fun while keeping fit! Join our community Sagacious Steps. Click on this link:

Then click on Challenges at the top

Then select Cabot Trail Virtual Challenge

Click Sign Up Now

It should already have the coupon there rfed13k84bpzri which gives you $2.99 off. Once you have signed up, select Community and choose Sagacious Steps. Then the Password is ss123

We will be able to cheer each other on and follow each other's progress on google maps. See you on the Trail!

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