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Cloud Following

Recent pandemic events remind me that we are like the people of Israel in the wilderness: “whether the cloud stayed above the Tabernacle for two days, a month, or a year, the people of Israel stayed in the camp and did not move on. But as soon as it lifted, they broke camp and moved. So they camped or traveled at the Lord's command, and they did whatever the Lord told them through Moses.” Numbers 9:22-23 (NLT) Our life of following the cloud has intertwined focuses. First, some of us seek God in His Word, prayer and fellowship and sharing. We may choose to focus on improving our mind. We may focus on exercise or choose to focus on relationships. This can be well rounded and we can do it regardless our self quarantine status. Life coaching helps us to adjust what our focus is.

But the Lord is in charge! As life changes and the cloud moves we must move. Dependence on God in the midst of the unknown does bring Him glory. But we can navigate life’s transitions better with a life coach. As school schedules, new babies, career moves and illness represent the cloud moving, we need to adjust our goals. Life Coaching helps us to adjust and realign our new normal. And that is a good thing for us cloud followers. Schedule a free intro life coaching session today, visit

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