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Do You Want to Be Happier?

Do you feel stuck or unmotivated or not sure of your next steps? Maybe you're not actually depressed but are languishing in a liminal (in between) space or feeling empty or stagnant. Our Declaration of Independence says we have the right to the pursuit of happiness. However, happiness is not the end goal. You cannot achieve happiness forever. It is fleeting and complex. Arthur Brooks says it "includes three distinct elements: enjoyment, purpose, and satisfaction." It is a pursuit, a direction. What small steps can you take toward being happier? A coach can help you identify what would make you happier and help you figure out how you could take those next steps on that path toward happiness. What do you need? Dr. Alison Cook says, "Remember you have agency. No matter what's hard in your life, you have agency to move the needle toward creativity, connection, calling, and courage. You have choices you can make to put yourself on the path." Try a free coaching session to see if it is what you need toward greater happiness.


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