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Creating a Team

As fans of any team sport we hate the lousy results from our team’s poor team work. So let’s “armchair quarterback” a football “team.” We probably cannot help our sports team, but our creativity may be helpful in the office and at home.

Who plays on a football team anyway? The linemen are the big strong “walls.” The backs have speed and ball handling skills. The ball handlers have the speed and vision to respond to the other team. Finally, heart. Professionals are paid to play, but without team loyalty and emotion, they generally fail.

So let’s bring it all together. To create a team, each team player must know and play in their strengths. They execute the role they are gifted with. They know their team mates’ strength and role for each play. Through experience each player gains vision to adjust their own strengths to the other players’ strengths and weaknesses. For example, they change the play, or they double team a stronger opponent. But fundamentally, the creating of a team is based on heart. Creating a team is not to just play a game, it is to be part of something greater than the sum of the players’ talents. A player values and is engaged with their team. They fail or succeed together.

You can create a team by discussing with a life coach your individual and team or business strengths inventory. Each team member completes an individual survey to learn or affirm their natural strengths. With the life coach they plug their strengths into a team matrix. Individuals who are strong strategic thinkers are good at establishing a goal and a vision. The executors design the required steps to reach the goal. The influencers communicate and help “keep everybody in the loop.” But the relationship maintainers inform the team of the status of the “heart.” This means knowing how they feel. Your team or business succeeds or fails through the individual strengths of people becoming something greater than themselves.

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